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Big Thanks #2: Versatile Blogger Award


As I mentioned in a post from March(!), I have been delinquent to my blogging community over the past few months, as I’ve neglected offering thanks where thanks is due. Therefore, I’ve composed this “Big Thanks” series of posts to express my gratitude for the awards bestowed upon me by my fellow bloggers (and to share the love).  I find it important to honor the spirit of these award with a post, and by sharing the good fortune with other bloggers whose words deserve to be discovered.

This next award is the Versatile Blogger Award, and was bestowed upon me eons ago by The Reporter and the Girl and Rafferty’s Rules.  Both are excellent blogs, and I encourage my readers to check them out if they haven’t already.   

Now, I have to share 7 things about myself, and select 15 new nominees.  I am a little overwhelmed by the 15 thing, so I’m paring it down to 10.  First, here’s the sharing part:

  1. I am a happily married father of one.  Yes, just one. Don’t ask me if he’s my “only.”
  2. I should exercise more.
  3. I’ve been on a wheat-free diet for two months now.  Tough, but good.
  4. I actually enjoy mowing my lawn.
  5. I am (secretly?) addicted to my iPad.
  6. I am working on being less irritable.
  7. I’m focused on short story writing now.

And my five nominees are:

  1. un.daunt.ed dad.dy
  2. Things My Children Said
  3. Sirak98
  4. Hickersonia
  5. The Dorky Daddy
  6. Daddy Drinks
  7. dadlibbing
  8. Jeff Kilman
  9. jhubner73
  10. Sometimes I Sleep

I hope you can check out these blogs. They each serve up inspiration, or laughter, or thoughtfulness.   I appreciate them all for putting their words on the screen and sharing with us all.  Thanks and best wishes.

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Big Thanks #1: Liebster Award

Liebster-award-ribbonI have been incredibly delinquent to my blogging community over the past few weeks, as I’ve neglected offering thanks where thanks is due. Therefore, I’ve composed this “Big Thanks” series of posts to express my gratitude for the awards bestowed upon me by my fellow bloggers (and to share the love).  I find it important to honor the spirit of these award with a post, and by sharing the good fortune with other bloggers whose words deserve to be discovered.

The first of these awards is the Liebster Award, presented to me by Life By Kimmy, Musings For The Ether and Shadow Girl of Becki’s Book Blog.  All are great blogs, and I urge you to check them out.  To borrow Shadow Girl’s words: “What is the Liebster Award you ask? Well from my understanding Leibster is a German term for sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. Its awarded to bloggers with less than 200 followers as a form of recognition and support to keep on blogging.” And here are the rules:

  • You must thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions posed by your nominator
  • Pass the award on to 11 new recipients
  • Pose 11 new questions to your bloggers

Because my fortune is tripled, so is my responsibility.  So, here are my answers to the 33 (!) questions posed to me:

1. What made you decide to start Blogging?

I was in a writing rut and hadn’t picked up any of my manuscripts in a while.  I needed to get my words out there again (and cave to the Writer’s Digest articles chewing me out for not having a platform).

2. What is the most important lesson you have learned about Blogging so far?

Ease up. I’m still learning this.  Constantly checking my blog, the comments, my readership, can become a bit overwhelming.  The second lesson is that there are many insights to be discovered about oneself through a blog, especially about ego, reflection, and humility.

3. How many other Blogs do you actively follow?

56 and counting…

4. If money was no object, what would you do tomorrow?

Take my family on a much needed vacation.

5. Do you think you will still be Blogging in 5 years time?

No, the zombies will have taken over by then.  I’ll be focused on scavenging for food.  Perhaps a line of ham-radio broadcasts?

6. Name one weird fact about yourself.

They’re all weird.

7. Have you traveled, or do you have aspirations to travel?

Have traveled, but not as much as I’d like.

8. Cats or Dogs?

Oddly a dog person who’s morphing into a cat person, attributable to all the dog crap I’ve cleaned off of my floors this winter.

9. What do you hope people think when they read your Blog?

Even if I come off as brash sometimes, my readers will stick with me, because there’s other good stuff here (and I’m not a complete a-hole).

10. What inspires your Blog post ideas?

Random events with my family or reflections on blogging.

11. Coffee or Tea?

Coffee all the way.

12. If you were one of the seven deadly sins, which one would you be?


13. Why did you start your blog?

(See 1 above)

14. Anita or Buffy?

Oh gosh, I’m not the biggest fan. Can I say Sookie?

15. Which of your blog posts is your personal favorite?

I’d have to say my “About” post, the one that started it all.

16. Can you choose one favorite book for me? Or top 3-5? No pressure.

Now that is some pressures.  I’d say Middlesex by Eugenides, Cloud Atlas by Mitchell, and Ender’s Game by Card.

17. What is your ultimate blogging goal? No askies backsies – that’s a hard question!

Cook every recipe in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking and have a movie made about it. Dammit, someone stole that one.

18. Biggest pet peeve?

Inconsiderate people.

19. Are you married/single/divorced/it’s complicated/all of the above?


20. When is your favorite time of day to blog?

5:30 am

21. You’re on death row, about to be executed. What is your last meal going to be?

My wife’s jajamyun.

22. Tell me your favorite TV. Is it Sunday Walking Dead, Adult Swim on Cartoon Network? American Horror Story Wednesdays? Something else, from a decade ago perhaps?

Nothing has beaten my Lost obsession, but now it’s Walking Dead.

23) What time do you wake up on a weekday morning?

Between 4:30 and 5:30?

24) What is your biggest fear?

Loss of loved ones.

25) What was your first car?

’77 Chevy Chevelle

26) Did you go to college?


27) If you had to live in a state other than the one in which you currently reside, which would it be?

CA knows how to party.

28) How many people other than you live in your house/apartment?

3 (not counting the ghosts)

29) Do you have any siblings?


30) Do you speak another language, if so, which? If you don’t, which would you like to speak if you could?

Little bits of lots of languages, nothing fluently.

31) What is the most remote/exotic place in the world you have ever visited?


32) Do you believe in ghosts?

Hells yes.

33) Are we alone?

Always and never.

My 11 nominees include:




Unfiltered Fatherhood

Dadicus Grinch


Peculiarities and Reticences

The Secret Father

Crispy Indeed

Slouching Toward Thatcham

Making the Days Count

My 11 questions for nominees (some stolen from my nominators) are:

1. Which of your blog posts is your personal favorite?

2. Name one other blog post from another writer that really inspired you.

3. Unicorns or zombies?

4. Favorite children’s/YA book?

5. Why did you start blogging?

6. On average, how many times a day do you check your blog and/or its notifications?

7. What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from blogging so far?

8. Do you have kids and, if so, do you hope that they’ll read your blog one day, or stay the hell away?

9. You’re on death row: last meal?’

10. When does the writing bug tend to strike?

11. Real name or pen name?

Thanks again for all the recognition.  I really appreciate it. More thank-you posts are on their way!


The Reality Blog Award

reality-blog-award1-e1357511854615I was floored when one of the bloggers I thoroughly enjoy, hillbillyzen, nominated me for The Reality Blog Award.  I’m relatively new to this whole blogging thing, so I didn’t quite understand at first.  But, according to hillbillyzen, it’s an award that authors can bestow upon the blogs they follow and admire.  I’m very honored that hillbillyzen found my writing to be award-worthy, and would encourage many others to check out her thoughtful posts!

So here are the logistics of this award thing.  When you’re nominated, you:

1.) Visit the blog of the person who nominated you, thank them, and acknowledge them on *your* blog.

2.) Answer the five questions listed below and nominate up to 20 bloggers whom you feel deserve recognition.  Visit their blog to let them know.

3.) Cut and paste the award to your wall.  Easy peasy.

And so, here are the questions and my responses:

If you could change one thing, what would you change?

As Steve Martin says in his 5 Christmas Wishes, “First it would be the crap about the kids…”  No, seriously, I’d want folks to be able to see past themselves a bit more and realize the repercussions of the actions they take in the world. 

If you could repeat an age, what would it be?

Oh Shit.  I’m pretty pleased to be done with many of the developmental milestones I’ve suffered through over the past (nearly four) decades, but if I had to pick an age, I would choose 31.  It was a year in which I could have done a whole lot better.  It was the year my son was born, and if I could experience that joy again with the knowledge I have now, I’d be a better person and a better husband. 

What one thing really scares you?

The thought of losing my wife or son.  Simply terrifies me. 

What is one dream that you have not completed, and do you think you’ll be able to complete it?

To see one of my books in print.  I think I’ll see that happen, even if by “print” I mean churning out of the printer in my basement. 

If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be?

I would like to be my wife.  I’d like to see the world through her eyes and feel what she feels. 

And now, I get to nominate other bloggers whom I find worthy of an award.  I have agonized over this for days, as I can only pick a few.  Although the blogs I follow vary in theme, I have chosen to honor blogs about fatherhood.  My blog is about the struggles of fatherhood, and I find that I’ve gained the most personally by reading about other fathers’ experiences.  There are very few men speaking up about parenting, and so I think these blogs deserve some accolades.  These writers can be thoughtful, heart-felt, humorous, and irreverent.  They are:


The Evolving Dad

Thought Pop


Ay yo, Be a Father

Adventures of a Father in Training

Daddy @ Through the Grapevine

Many thanks to all these authors for sharing their wit and wisdom.  I hope that many others will check them out.